07 January, 2006


A front page article in the Daily News in Sri Lanka recently carried this headline, broken at the exact same point in the sentence:
Policemen on drugs
raid stoned
So here's the real story, at least what I figured out from reading the bloody article with the headline: A bunch of cops went into a slum area to bust some people for heroine possession. The people in the slum got mad at the cops and threw stones at them.

But let's see what else this headline could mean. The possibilities are endless.

1. A bunch of policemen who were on a drug-raid had been smoking a joint.
2. A bunch of policemen on drugs raided some people smoking a joint.

and my favourite...

. A bunch of policemen on drugs went on a raid while smoking a joint.

Brilliant bit of headlining I thought. Would make anyone read the article :)


Blogger Aishwarya said...


That's hilarious!:)

11/1/06 5:19 am  
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24/1/06 2:05 am  

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