24 December, 2005

Isn't all media marketing?

If media is a means to disseminate a particular point of view, all media is marketing. Right? Yes. In which case, what makes some media 'good marketing' and others 'bad'? Or is the problem with MSM not the fact that it is, like other media, a marketing channel more than much else but the fact that...umm, I'm not sure. We militate against MSM because it is a marketing channel or because it is a 'bad marketing' channel? Weird question, eh? Stupid question, eh? Non-question, eh? Feel free to ignore it. We're just trying to understand what the problem with MSM exactly is. Thank you for indulging us.


Blogger wise donkey said...

i think more than the marketing the hypocrisy is irritating.

when it pretends to care for its readers, when all it cares about are its advertisers.

when it pretends to care for the real issues when it cares only for issues which wont hurt its advertisers, editors etc.

i wont have problem with a cake being marketed as a cake , but its irritating when stale bread is marketed as premium cake.

now i dont want 2 paint the entire msm with this brush, but i think a good % of it acts that way.

some examples that i could think of
in minor levels bowing to advertisers pressures.
highlighting the product
more news about the celebrity who endorses the product
less news or unfavourable news about the celeb who endorses the rival product.
(this could be carried over in match reviews and film reviews too).

and in subtle levels
not mentioning or highlighting the minus points of a product
making news more of an entertainment and page 3 oriented, i.e giving people what they want, and pretending to give people what they need .

to sensationalise news and give importance to breaking news than to long term issues.

if a media says, i have to survive, so for this i have to do this, and market this, i dont have any prob with it. but then it doesnt happen does it?
wonder if i made sense.

24/12/05 11:37 pm  

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