23 December, 2005

Geographically Challenged

The Business Standard ran a story today about Country Club India Ltd buying some property in Sri Lanka. It says:

"Country Club India Ltd (CCIL) has acquired a seafront property in Kandy,
Sri Lanka's most popular tourist destination.

Please note that this property was bought in Kandy and that it was seafront property.

Here's a map of Sri Lanka:

Can everyone spot Kandy? Does anyone realise why it's a little tough to have seafront property in Kandy? I don't know anything about this deal, but I would guess that it's in Galle, which you can see is on the Southern coast. (even if it's not in Galle the seafront property bought by CCIL is most probably on the South coast)

My question is who messed up? Did the reporter Rajendra Palande substitute Galle with Kandy when he was writing his report? Or did CCIL actually mess up on the press release they sent out? Or does CCIL Chairman Rajeev Reddy have no clue?

Let's look at another line from the same report:
[CCIL Chairman] Reddy said Kandy and Colombo are accessible by air from Chennai and Bangalore in an hour and from Mumbai in a couple of hours, making it an attractive destination for Indian tourists at reasonable cost.

Sri Lanka has one international airport and that is situated one hour out of Colombo. Kandy does not have an international airport. All the people who fly into the country have to come to Colombo first and then figure out transport to Kandy, unless of course your travel agents have made plans to have directly transported to Kandy, which is still a 3 hours(upto 5 if there's traffic) journey.

So who's Geographically Challenged?


Blogger √úbermaniam said...

Nice. Very. Way to go. But not to Sri Lanka. Talk about standards.

24/12/05 3:03 am  

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