21 November, 2005

In remembrance of Manju Nathan

I think educated Indians need to know about this. I shall write more about this later. For now, I stand in respect for a someone who apparently died for his ideals.

Gaurav's post on Manju.

The Indian Express report


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought this blog was about MSM

22/11/05 11:08 pm  
Blogger Prakriti said...

CSF was about News and honest opinions. As an alternative to the dishrag newspaper, where it couldn't go, and where it wouldn't go. Reflected in it's heartfelt involvement in Tsunami afflicted people.

Certainly not about a vendetta with the MSM.

If it is, and fellas, kindly correct me here, I have no business being here.

23/11/05 8:35 am  
Blogger Syed Siddique Sharaf said...

that's a very tragic and despicable act

23/11/05 11:46 pm  

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