06 November, 2005

Long live the king

While it is about first posts and starting anew, let me start with personal introductions. When I climbed onto the bandwagon at Desi Media Bitch, it was just starting up, and i had some vociferous comments to make about the generalities of certain articles. I was really really pleased with just how sportingly they were abused and fought for. I was a B school student, and already quite getting disillusioned with the blog space. Most public blogging spaces had the 'I suck yours-you suck mine' air about them. I was grumbling all over about those "tea-party" spaces, as most of the active bloggers know everyone around, and the air of geniality.
DesiMediaBitch was not that. I loved it for the debates it generated, the savage fights, of how every time I would discuss it outside, in the offline world, there were opinions every time.

Someone who then didn't even read the newspaper(no time), and had no experience or leanings into the main stream media, and yet had opinions, and loved looking at perspectives. DesiMediaBitch gave me all this and more. If I should say, it had the air of the Bombay slums, with the camaraderie fought for, and respected.(This last perspective picked up from "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts).

I am working in Sales now. A back breaking job with rarely much time to assemble and connect points in your head. And then comment in my blog. You do not realize the importance of easy internet access until you are denied that. I still can only provide perspectives from the other side. But I am glad to be here.

We might not change the world, but at least we want to. And desperately at that.

The king is dead. Long live the king.


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