19 November, 2005

Law unto the land?

Fine, you elect a guy. He seems to be a decent, intelligent hardworking guy who has the best interests of the people at hand. His very integrity seems a nice bargain for all the crazy ideas.

But what if he pushes on to make a law which to all intelligent standards sounds so absolutely dumb that no-one dares to oppose it?

I wrote this way back in June, after reading this in the newspaper did in my morning absolution, despite my not smoking, and not having a spot of film ever.

from ONE MAN
Somehow the power of a single man dawns on me not after I see exemplary achievements by strong willed individuals who change the world, but when I see complete buffoonery of one man's dumb mind changing everything sane about the world. And the rest of the world made to suffer through it.

"Smoking scenes will be banned in films and television serials to be shown from Oct 2, the government said on Wednesday. An understanding to this effect was reached after a hour and a half meeting between information and broadcasting minister S. Jaipal Reddy and health minister A. Ramadoss."

So now in the special cases it is allowed, theatre owners shall be obligated(with the threat of a 2 year imprisonment) to show warning slides when such scenes are being shown. In case of old TV serials, broadcasters will be required to put out scrolls(during the objectionable scenes) to warn of consequences of smoking.
Like the dumb fucker who decided that playing the national anthem in theatres would fuel patriotism. Why don't people screw their asses? Is it only me who feels that attacks upon one's aesthete(sensibilities) is much more than attacks on material ones?
On a different though related thought, I am rather fond of a fictious anecdote between God and a person who was very perturbed with the state of the world. The person was questioning. He says, "Lord you are all powerful. You MADE all this. You KNOW how this is all wrong. Why don't you do anything about it? Don't you see people suffering? Why don't you do something?"

The Lord answered, "I did do something! I sent you"

Arghh, can't believe i actually wrote that!

Now, i hear(read?) in yesterday's newspaper of a proposal to fix up minority reservations in IITs and IIMs. Nehru would be turning in his grave. In his adjoining speech to the parliament with the first reservation bill, Nehru mentioned that the coming generations of all classes who have been provided reservation quotas shall feel their pride crumpling and hence shall get off all shackles of reservation themselves. Within 50 years, india shall be a equal state in all aspects.

I shall not waste my time in deliberating on the virtues and sins of so and so. Yesterday's editorial in The Economic Times did an excellent bit about talking that reservations were meant to benefit the generation next, and all this would enable doing is to favor the current minority elite, while poor muslim kids still attend grossly inefficient madarssas. Putting reservations for the elite in merit based institutions, while the poor still do not get any benefit is unfair(he used a more effective word) politics. I just wanted to cuss it out.

Just what does one do when he disagrees with a politician? My school civics teacher used to say, "Wait for the next election". Presuming that one gets the government out of the way in the next election. So what? Laws, once made have a way of sticking on. It is many many many many times more difficult to repeal or abolish a law than make it.

All ye virgins, make merry NOW. They are going to make a law to abolish premarital sex soon.


Blogger anangbhai said...

Man, you know what I would do. Make a film about Gandhi or the war of independence, something the government people are bound to watch and applaud, at least until they see the actual film, and fill it with smokers in every goddamn scene. British people smoking, indian villagers carrying hookahs everywhere. Just to fuck with em.
Parents tell me the national anthem was stopped in theaters cause no one would stand up for it.
The more laws they pass, the more I'm gonna break them. The day there are no laws, I'll make the first one.

20/11/05 7:04 am  
Blogger lost in translation said...

you know what?the further you go;the nearer you come.hell;its all just crap like the wheels of fortune or time oe whatever;but then;somebody someday is gonna do something;isnt it?

when you look at it from my point of view;the line where god says "i made you"......thats so correct;isnt it?nobody is gonna clean our dirty laundry for us!

21/11/05 3:12 am  
Blogger livinghigh said...

i alwys DID like my own dictatorhsip! ;-)

21/11/05 8:06 pm  

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