14 November, 2005

TV Talk

So I've become very good at plugging my channel, which has been in the "launching in a few weeks" stage for the last seven months. So I've become really great at PR these days. A question I face the most, second only to "When the F are ya guys launching?", is "How effing different can ya guys be?"And that's when my true brilliance shines forth.

That's when I talk about C*** and their intra-day stock market movement based content.

That's when I talk about N*** and their eminence in the general news space because they were the first to get sexy graphics and a sexy anchor. (Another matter altogether, that the sexy anchor now needs a face lift desperately.)

That's when I snigger about HT's superb look and their superb looking anchors currently. And drool about them. But laugh at them, otherwise.

That's when I wonder why SS hasn't gone off the air as yet.

Ok, so a large part of the PR speech is about being bitchy. But, like a blogger friend pointed out, that's life in the media bizz world.

So what's the plug for my channel-in-the-ever-launching-stage? That it's a cross between C***, with its boring stock discussions, and N***, with its old-sexy-anchors-who-need-a-face-lift.

Now who can resist that combination, eh?


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