24 December, 2005

Is MSM just a marketing channel?

After all, if nobody writes or talks about the things they write and talk about will the people still care and buy into what they write and talk about? Example: A sports channel. And that's wht makes bloggers better -- nobody pays them to do what they do. The question is would this change if and when bloggers start getting paid for what they do? Would a blogger who gets paid for what he/she does become a spokesman for the people who are paying him/her? In which case, is it just about the money? Agreed, agreed that there are tons of gaps in what we are postulating. Still, is there a grain of thinking in what we are trying to get at but failing miserably? Hmm.


Blogger wise donkey said...

sadly the answer is yes to the first question.

to go for a sports news example.
imagine doing a prg on women and sports and then inspite of being aware of the series (Ind Eng International cricket) not including that under International Cricket in the sports schedule .

Fine if the media wants to cover more of what they think is interesting or what will get them more money, but let there be atleast an acknowledgement that "other news" exist. (ndtv)

when ONLY PRO handouts are given importance, its just a marketing channel

24/12/05 9:20 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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26/12/05 11:30 am  

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