30 December, 2005

Blogsmsmblogsmsmblogsmsm...forget it

Don't newspapers have blogs? It seems like the easiest thing to have. It seems like something people will enjoy having. It seems like something newspapers that have an online focus ought to have. And that explains why newspapers do not have their own blogs; well, at least, most newspapers. Will the Indian newspapers ever become powerful online entities? Newspapers abroad are losing audiences offline and finding more audiences online. Will the Indian media go the same way? A lot of intelligent people don't think so. These intelligent people believe the Indian newspaper audiences are not destined to go the way newspaper audiences in the West have. Or are they? If not, why? The way we see it blogs are going to become the next newspapers. In which case, what's the big difference between the two? Even more so, considering what blogs seem to aspire for is pretty much the same thing any media aspires for: more eyeballs. Confusing and muddle-headed, eh? For sure. Kinda like the media scene, we think.


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Happy new year folks!

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