30 March, 2006

Tourist Ship Sinks in Bahrain [Blogging Live]

At approximately 8pm local time here in Bahrain, a ferry sunk near Sitra. It was a boat carrying around 150 tourists - locals and expats alike. There are about 60 people who have said to have survived thought search and recue operations by the Bahraini coast guard and the US navy is continuing as I blog.

Here's the bbc report

I'm posting pics off the CNN broadcast and will have a link to a short interview with a correspondant from Dubai via a google video soon. I'll continue posting updates till we have something online from teh GDN tomorrow. Thanks to Bala for the heads up on this all the way from New Jersey. Apparenty every other news agency is posting an AP report whcih is making its way around the wires. Google Earth is being used by some of the news agencies to explore the waters of Bahrain and the location of the incident - here's the KML file that's being used.


[NOTE: I'm not a member of main stream media, this is citizen media provided for informational purposes ONLY!]


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