28 March, 2006

Put the news back in the newspaper

An opinion is what I ask. Take a stand. Take sides. Kill the neutral. Kill impartiality. Play one against the other. Kill your darlings. Kill mediocrity. Do anything, but for goodness sake, don't ever kill the newspaper!

You see, I grew up with newspapers by my side. I read them like I read my Archie comics. But I no longer like them. I no longer look forward to the act. It's a duty now. Not lust. And that began when you stopped putting news into the newspaper. In its stead, nubile starlets and hefty goons. From Pages 1 to 16. And more.

But we've all covered this territory before. And, dare I say it, we'll be covering it again. Again. Again, till somebody finally realises that no news, is in fact, bad news. And that's when newspapers will no more be Archie’s.


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