01 April, 2006

Update# 8: Tourist Ship Sinks in Bahrain

Message from Robin Lamb, the British Ambassador to Bahrain:

The British Embassy extends
its deepest condolences to the families of those missing in the Dhow accident
off Muharraq Island on Thursday night. The Embassy is doing all that it can to
assist those affected by this tragedy.

Anyone wishing to provide details of those missing should
call the Embassy on +973 17574100, the Duty Officer
(during silent hours) on +973 39600274, or for emotional support +973 39069995 - helpline.

In addition to the support line being run for anyone wishing to talk about
their experiences, the followingorganisations may be useful in providing further
information and support around bereavement and loss:

Disaster Action –
Cruse – Bereavement Care –
7th July Assistance Centre – 7julyassistance


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