01 April, 2006

Update # 10 Tourist Ships Sinks in Bahrain

The following are the list of people who didn't survive the ferry disaster. These are the official names of the deceased, and there is every likelihood that the 'names' may not tally with the name you are familiar with. I noticed that my friend Samir was given another name. I made necessary corrections while updating this list but felt I had to inform you about this matter just in case you wonder why your loved ones name was not on the list.

It was compiled by Gulf Daily News and the original news item can be accessed here.

South African: Jimmy Allen, Allan Jeppe, Cathy Judd, Michael Parker Partize,

Pakistan: Ammanulah Ahmaddin, wife Farzina and daughter Hina, Furqan Ali Mehaban Ali,

British: David Evans, Christopher Langham, Carl Andrew Ottewel, William Patrick Nolan, Andrew Debrunner, Stephen Grady

Ireland: Derek James Cunningham,

British/ South African: Christopher Braysher, Lawrence Sulman, Lucinda Brayet, Philip Moody, Jason James Brett,

Singapore: Foong Szechen, LimSing Wee

Germany: Scott Belch

Philippines: Norman Belardo, Edwin Felipe Batacan and Quennie Aboboto Dunca

Thailand: Orathai Cunningham, Narumon Palawat,

A separate list compiled by New Kerala, an online newspaper, posted this statewise breakdown of Indians who perished in this disaster. The original news item can be accessed if you click here.

Kerala: Sikhil Babu, Abdul Latif Abdul Wahab, Santosh Chakra Puthenpurackal, Kuthyil Mohammad. Majeed, Arby Mathews, Basant Kumar and Siru Arby

Tamil Nadu: Saravanan Kumar Murugesan, Chellappan Thirugnam and Muthukumar Murugan

Andhra Pradesh: Nag Bhushan Pilla and Mrs. Nag Bhushan Pilla

Delhi: Alok Kumar Verma and Mrs. Kirit Verma

Bihar: Mohammad Hassnein

Goa: Clarence William and Maryan Vyland

Karnataka: Sayeed Farooq Syed Ahmed and Mrs. Rabiah Farooq

Maharashtra: Samir Suhas Thorat.

And finally, here is a list of all nationalities, and includes the number of those who survived as well as perished in the disaster. The list was compiled by the Gulf Daily News and the original news item can be accessed here.

Nationality/ Survivors /Dead

Indian 30 21
British 9 13
South Africa 8 5
Singapore 2 4
Philippines 5 5
Egypt 3
Bahraini 3
Poland 1
Bangladesh 1
Pakistan 1 4
Nepal 1
US 1
Sri Lanka 1
Thailand 1 2
Germany 1
Ireland 1
South Korea 1
Total 67 57


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