27 April, 2006

N Ram pays back for the Lanka Ratna

For those few who are unaware of this N Ram the editor of The Hindu was awarded Sri Lanka Ratna, the highest civilian award that can be conferred on a foreigner in Srilanka in Nov 2005. This was for "exceptionally outstanding and most distinguished service to Sri Lanka in particular and\or humanity in general".

N Ram has been a consistent supporter of the Srilankan government in its war against Tamil Tigers. This is unlike most of Tamilnadu which harbours a supportive attitude towards the Tamil Eelam struggle. Nothing wrong with that, each one is entitled to his view.

But what distinguishes N Ram is his use of editorial space to blatantly twist facts in favor of the Srilankan Government. Sample his editorial today

and behind its(LTTE) attempt to foment anti-Tamil ethnic violence in Trincomalee earlier this month

The fact is Tamils were killed in various attacks in Trincomalee. But N Ram feels that Tigers orchestrated the attack on their own men so that there will be violence.

President Mahinda Rajapakse cannot be blamed if his patience is now wearing a little thin. Following the latest provocation, he ordered air and naval strikes in North-East Sri Lanka. President Rajapakse evidently wanted to send a message that he will not remain a silent onlooker as a terrorist group tries to take out the country's army chief. Still, restraint is the Government's best weapon against the LTTE

Reading this you can imagine President Mahinda Rajapakse as a benevolent man, trying hard not to fight, but being forced by the LTTE to fight. But the fact is he was elected on the basis of his hardline stance against LTTE

In a war that has been going on for 30 years both sides would have committed serious mistakes. That is what is war is about, you go to fight against something which you perceive is wrong and end up doing the samething. But according to Mr. Ram there is only one side that is responsible for the mess. And that is LTTE.

Disclaimer: I don't support LTTE or anyother organisation. I am aware of the situation in Srilanka only from newsreports. Even this second hand information clearly shows that Mr. Ram is completely biased towards the Srilankan Government.


Anonymous Gill said...

The LTTE is a fucking terrorist organization. Get your PREGNANT wife to act as a suicide bomber and she can be a Tamil suicide bomber too! Ever checked out the Tamil child soldiers asshole?

2/5/06 4:24 am  
Anonymous Jacob Joseph said...

Most Indians (which includes the people of tamil nadu) don't support the tigers.

26/6/06 7:04 am  
Blogger Kalyan said...

youve got to know more about the history of the struggle before you comment on Ram. the ltte has had no intention of any peaceful reproach. theyve killed and killed. and they kill tamils too.. nothing new!!! and most of tn doesnt support the ltte.. for heavens sake!!1 get your facts rite... thats a perception of your thats highly mistaken

29/7/06 11:11 am  
Anonymous Bes said...

The LTTE is the biggest oppressor of Tamils my friend. It has SINGLE HANDEDLY destroyed all democracy within the Sri Lankan Tamil community. Now all Tamil democrats live in the South in gov controlled areas and even then the LTTE sends assasins to kill them. The latest victim was Ketesh Loganathan a Tamil intellectual and part of the Sri Lankan Government's Peace Secretariat.

19/8/06 9:49 am  
Anonymous bakhtar said...

Killed by Srilankan military;

Who is the terrorist now?
May NRams kids not have such fate.

18/10/08 10:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous MediaWatcher said...

Even today when thousands of tamil civilians are being shelled everyday by the srilankan army, 'the hindu' does not publish any article centering the plight of the civilians. No other county has ever bombed its own people(civilians) for more than a year on the pretext of terrorism. Guess the award was given with a reason.To shield the sri lankan tamils plight from the indian tamils and to take the lanka government's stand point for reporting.

27/4/09 9:20 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are right.N.Ram is one of the most biased journalists not only in Sri Lanka.But also is pro China and Tibetian groups have protested against and further .Rajapakse regime has seen more than 40 Media persons killed and all of them blame the government.

In particular Lasantha Wickramatunga the Editor of the Sunday Leader even wrote a Editorial before he died clearly knoing he may killed by the Government.Now J.S.Tissasangam has been jailed for 20 Years for writing 2 articles and Astrogler was jailed by Rajapakse for predicting he will lose.

N.Ram has supported despite he is against journalists and Tamils more than 30000 Tamils were killed in final offensive and 300000 are being detained in internment camps will no right to movement.People cannot leave the camps.

N.Ram is a partisan journalist not only is betraying the journalists community both in Sri Lanka and China but also Tamils and is the main for the Sri Lankan and Chinese governments in India


22/9/09 5:36 am  

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