19 November, 2005

Will MSM take corporates head-on?

It's official now: The Indian media does not like attacking corporates. And you thought that Aye Aye Pee Yum was an isolated case where a corporate could buy its way through ads and advertorials and the Slimy paper's stake-buying strategies?

I am referring to a conference of Delhi editors where they have unanimously declared that the media is not aggressive enough, especially with corporates.

I think it's not just advertising. It's also that the media hasn't yet fully realised what a post-socialist India amounts to: it amounts to an economy where the resources have been shifting from the public to the private sector. So it must imply that the private sector also needs a watchdog - one beyond the daily commentary of the business press. If the media is the fourth estate in a democracy, it should consciously rise to a similar responsibility in a free-market economy.

There's no reason to believe that it will not. Sooner or later sting journalists and the like will move their attention to the vast greay are of corporate social irresponsibility and start exposing unethical business practices, thus making for a freer, fairer 'free market'.


Blogger anangbhai said...

Please. All its gonna amount to is more muckraking and yellow journalism. Not that that isn't good, but I seriously doubt the mainstream is ever going to serve the interests of the public, rather they serve to interest the public in themselves.
Sooner or later, Rupert Murdoch is going to turn his flaming EYE to India, or some corporate giant will finally realize they can just buy the news station instead of combating it, and send out their nazgul everytime some blogger posts that "T01 sucks" and that'll be that.

20/11/05 7:08 am  

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